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The dog boarding experience your dog has been looking for!

At Country Estate dog sitting we offer an exclusive 'dog boarding in the home' service to a handful of privileged dogs. Boarding dogs will live and stay in our home as part of the family. We are situated near Newmarket, Suffolk on an private Country Estate with NO KENNELS. We have lived and loved the countryside all of our lives and believe we offer a 1st class service in experience and kindness. With years of experience behind us, both privately and in field sports we know we can offer a truly wonderful and loving stay for your 'best friend'.

Going away for business or on holiday?

We offer an exclusive, personal, dog boarding in the home experience to a small number of dogs.

Allow us to look after your dog in the comfort of our home, as part of the family, knowing there are NO KENNELS. All boarding dogs will be regarded as one of our own and be treated to all the things we have to offer in our home. They will live among us spending time with our other two lovely dogs.

In the summer the cool conservatory makes for a nice respite from the heat after a long walk, and the doggy sofa in there is perfect for snoozing away the heat of the day. However if they enjoy their sunbathing, the dog proof garden is an excellent place to spend their time. The doors are left open continuously and the patio is the perfect place to stretch out and enjoy the cool stone slabs.

In the winter, lazy afternoons are spent curled up on the hearth rug in front of the wonderful wood burning stove. After doing some long dog walking, they can stretch out, dry off infront of the fire and totally conk- the snoring in the sitting room is wonderful!

As dogs board in our home, kennels are not a factor here. And so they are fortunate enough to decide where and when they sleep. Many of them find a nice sofa or arm chair to curl up on, but there are also a selection of large beds, rugs and duvets placed around the house for them to snuggle up together on.

Your dog will also be treated to some of the best dog walking and breathtaking countryside.


Boarding dogs will enjoy rolling countryside which is home to an abundance of beautiful trees and animals alike. The countryside offers  vast open spaces to run and play with one another in safety. There is a real chance for them to run circles around one another while sniffing out the odd rabbit.

 Kings Forest is a favourite of ours and is teeming with deer, rabbit, hare and squirrel, which also make for ideal playmates! Here they can rummage through the undergrowth, getting their noses and paws grubby, while searching for the vast variation of different smells to set their senses alight.

Red kite and buzzards breed and soar in the skies above. And there is an abundance of waterfowl and various migrating birds which come home to roost. Here they could happily indulge the entire day away.

The estate is private and off limits to the public. All the tracks and roads are 'No through' meaning no access by either car, bike or foot making it the most safe location for your dog. 

Whether you have a German Shepherd or a loving Terrier, your dogs can spend all their time free from leads if you wish. Your dog's safety and welfare is our number one priority. Feel safe in the knowledge that your dog is safe with us.