Boarding dogs all have access to our entire home, with NO KENNELS, dog proof garden and selection of  doggy toys. So when we are not out and about dog walking, spending most of our days in the countryside, he/she can relax, sleep and play with one another as and when they feel.

 Dog Walking

Dog walking takes place twice a day, in both the morning and afternoon. All our dog walks are tailor made to suit the individuals' needs. Most of our dog walking usually lasts at least 1 hour each. We try to allow the dogs to have as much freedom as possible on walks and so therefore only use leads when the situation arises ( leads are always carried so we can pre-empt situations before they occur). Again, however if your dog misbehaves off the lead, or you wish him to be on one, this again can be arranged.


Living just outside Newmarket we have access to the Racing gallops. After 1 o' clock in the afternoon these are no longer used by the horses for training purposes and are opened to the public. These vast open training grounds attract dog walking and dogs walkers every afternoon to take advantage of the sand tracks, wooded areas and vast meadow like spaces. Here the dogs can play and interact with other dogs, meet people and have another chance to experience some breathtaking dog walks/runs.

The Beach

At the weekends we try to pack the cars up and take all the boarding dogs to the beach on either a Satuday or Sunday. We are roughly over an hour from Aldborough a beautiful and well known town on the Suffolk coast. However this is a pebble beach, so if time allows us, we love Holkham Bay across the border and in to Norfolk. Here there are wonderful dog walks through the sand dunes, tracks and pine woodland. People fly kites, ride on horse back and also bring their dogs to run and frolic in the waters. Holkham is renowned/infamous for its retracting shore line. The waters desert the beach for miles, leaving nothing but a huge, vast open space of beautiful sand-creating the perfect dog walking paradise .